Zoey and Jasper: A Rescue Dog, a Baby and a Series of Hats

Mother captures friendship of her rescue dog and 10-month old baby in what are possibly the cutest photos you’ll ever see.

Lifestyle and commercial animal photographer, Grace Chon has always dressed her dogs up in silly costumes, but it wasn’t until she realized her dog and baby could share the same tiny hats, that magic happened.

Now the duo poses side by side for photos shared on the pairs very own tubmlr page. And it’s beyond adorable. If you didn’t want a dog or a baby before, you will probably want to get your hands on one of each after viewing these photos.


Adopted dog Zoey, now 7, was rescued from Taiwan after her and her littermates were left in a gutter. The normally shy mutt loves clothes and the camera.  10 month old baby Jasper, has never had a shyness issue according to his mom, who says he is just as happy as he looks in his photos. Mom keeps the photos sessions a quick 10-15 min and everyone has a good time.

“She (Zoey) can be very afraid of new things, so I was surprised how much she took to wearing clothing. I know it sounds crazy, but I think it builds her confidence when she wears clothes. She does a happy dance when the props come out and she loves posing for the camera!” Chon says in an interview with mymodernmet.com.

Zoey and Jasper in hoodies. zoeyandjasper.tumblr.com 

Zoey and Jasper in New York hats. zoeyandjasper.tumblr.com


Zoey and Jasper in pilot gear. zoeyandjasper.tumblr.com


Zoey and Jasper in Shades. zoeyandjasper.tumblr.com


Zoey and Jasper in workout gear.zoeyandjasper.tumblr.com


Zoey and Jasper Star Wars. zoeyandjasper.tumblr.com

In her spare time, Grace photographs homeless dogs looking for their forever homes and donates her photography services every year to multiple dog rescue groups in Los Angeles. She lives in LA with her husband, baby boy, and their beloved rescue dogs, Maeby Fünke and Zoey.

See more at Zoey and Jasper’s Tumblr. See more of Grace’s work here.

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