Zappa The Dog Looks Exactly Like Sid From ‘Ice Age’

Zappa is a Greyhound with a perma-smile and kind, wide-set eyes. Her resemblance to Sid the sloth is uncanny.

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Twinsies! Via Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

It looks like Sid the sloth from Ice Age has found his real-life doppelganger.

Zappa the dog is a 15-year-old Italian Greyhound who looks so much like Sid the sloth from “Ice Age,
it’s almost freaky. The odd part is they aren’t even the same species. Oh yeah, and Sid is an animated creature, making Zappa’s entire look that much more incredible.

While Zappa may not become a prize-winning showdog, she’s certainly an unforgettable canine who’s redefining beauty.

Hi. Via Facebook

Hi. Via Facebook

Zappa’s owners have documented her happy toothless life on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and people all over the Internet have completely fallen in love with this little lady. She already has more than 500 Facebook likes and an impressive 18,000 followers on Instagram.

Ready for the hayride, y'all. Via Facebook

Ready for the hayride, y’all. Via Facebook

Based on her pictures, she’s living a cozy, blissful life filled with love and spectacular outfits. And her age has certainly not slowed her down. Her owners have captured her playing, lounging and acting all kinds of silly. Also THAT TONGUE. It’s certainly her best feature, and her owners state on Zappa’s website that it flops out to the side because the senior pooch has lost almost all of her teeth over the years, leaving her with only two chompers left.

Prettier than the flowers surrounding her. Via Facebook

Prettier than the flowers surrounding her. Via Facebook

Across her various social media pages, her owners have compared her to a deer, a giraffe, a meerkat and other animals – sometimes with a creative use of Photoshop. But no matter what else she looks like, the most important thing is that she has a face that’s irresistibly adorable, and completely hers. And also a lot like Sid the sloth’s.

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