You’re a Lucky Cat, Dallas! You May be Getting a Cat Café

Muffinmeow Café and Cat Lounge is still in the planning stages.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: every city needs a cat café. Never mind that there isn’t one in or anywhere near the city I live in as I continue to write about all the ones opening everywhere else (no, that doesn’t bother me at all, I write sarcastically). If you live in the Dallas area and feel the same way, you are free to rejoice. Muffinmeow Café and Cat Lounge hopes to open in your city, near the University of Texas at Dallas.

Here’s the lowdown on this potential café:

The Layout

The potential floor plan consists of a bright café full of light with stylish, intimate seating. There will be bar-style seating that looks into the cat lounge. To get to the cat lounge, visitors must enter through a double-doored room (complete with sink). The cat lounge, at minimum, will consist of lots of windows, comfy seating, Japanese décor, as well as scratching posts, nooks and other cat accommodations.

The Menu

Muffinmeow Café and Cat Lounge will offer Café Latte, Café Americano, Café Mocha, brewed coffee, cappuccino, iced coffee, brewed tea, iced tea and hot chocolate. The coffees will be locally roasted and the tea selection will consist of several exotic flavors, according to the Kickstarter campaign page. Drinks will be allowed in the cat lounge.

Snacks will also be offered as part of the café’s menu. These include coffee accompaniments, Nutella rolls, caramel cheesecake cups, pizza muffins and deluxe muffins of the day. (OK, all of that sounds great).

The Cats

We know that the beverages and snacks sound amazing, but pair that with some rescue (and adoptable) kitties and it’s even better. Muffinmeow Café and Cat Lounge plans on working with local shelters and rescues to foster the cats at their location. Since the café will be a foster home, the cats there will be available for adoption. So far the café is in talks with Take Me Home Pet Rescue, Dallas Cat Lady and Richardson Animal Shelter.

The Events

In addition to being a cat café, Muffinmeow plans on hosting events – everything from cat yoga to knitting to tea parties and more.

The Cost

While no exact fee has been announced yet since the café is still in its planning stages, the Kickstarter campaign page says, “customers will pay a small hourly fee to spend time in the cat lounge. This fee includes one small drink of choice, which customers may choose to enjoy in the cat lounge.” In addition to the fee, customers will have to sign a waiver before entering the cat lounge.

The Funding

Muffinmeow Café and Cat Lounge needs $50,000 to open. At press time, $6,781 of the goal has been met. There are 42 days left to go in the campaign. Those who choose to help fund the café will receive (depending on how much is pledged) a Muffinmeow logo notepad, a free drink at the café, a cat pendant and earrings set, a coffee mug, advance reservations and more. For more information, check out the Muffinmeow Café and Cat Lounge Kickstarter campaign page.

The Rest

Muffinmeow Café and Cat Lounge is the project of Christine Perry. To learn more about the café, visit the Muffinmeow website.

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