Your Ultimate Cat Style Guide

Expert tips for grooming perfection

No one in their right minds would put cornstarch on a cat — except perhaps the many professional cat-industry insiders who understand the ins and outs of ultimate grooming. Award-winning breeders and exhibitors Lisa and Andrew Fuller of Miaw Main Coons in Deer Park, Texas, divulge the coveted secrets of how they keep their highly acclaimed cats looking their best, including the cornstarch trick. “Rub it into the fur, down to the root of the coat, let it sit for four to five minutes, then comb and fluff,” Lisa Fuller says. “It instantly makes the fur fluffier.” Just follow their advice to turn even the scrappiest of housecats into a head-turning glamour-puss.

**Read the full article in the November 2008 issue of CAT FANCY.**

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