Your Ferret’s Spa Day

A well-groomed ferret is healthier and happier, whether you groom your ferret all at once or spread out the tasks over several days.

How to successfully groom your ferretMost ferrets tolerate our efforts to keep them clean and well groomed with a certain degree of civility. With routine grooming, ferrets learn to accept and even enjoy the experience. Once your ferret is used to regular grooming sessions, it will not mind the trims, swabs and brushings. It will look and feel good, and enjoy having your undivided attention. Grooming your pet also gives you the opportunity to look it over closely to inspect for any problems like parasites, growths, lumps, and weight gain or loss.

Tips For Easy Grooming
Grooming a ferret can be done many ways. Some owners prefer to trim their ferret’s nails one day and clean ears another, while others want to do most routine grooming tasks at once. Discover what fits your lifestyle, and what your ferret tolerates.

If you wish to do most grooming tasks while your ferret is in your lap, you may have better luck if you start by trimming the nails, cleaning the ears, then brushing the coat, and finally checking the teeth.

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