Your Cat Will Go Crazy for Meowijuana

The Meowijuana catnip company’s slogan – "For cats who need the weed” – says it all.

Have you noticed your cat being overly paranoid? Is she often hungry, insisting on more treats even after she’s eaten? She may be experimenting with Meowijuana, the marijuana-themed catnip (no marijuana included) cats are going crazy over. (Come on, you’ve had at least one cat – or know of one – who got a little crazy on catnip.)

Launched in January 2015, Meowijuana is a catnip supply company. They offer catnip buds ($22), catnip leaves and flakes ($10), catnip spray ($13) and more, including stickers and t-shirts. The Catnip Buds Purrple Passion product description says, “Our all natural Catnip Buds are harvested at the peak of the plant’s essential oil production providing cats with the most potent and aromatic catnip available on the market today. Grab a jar of the buds and then a Meowijuana blunt and your cat will provide you with hours of entertainment!” All catnip descriptions state the product is “100% organic and made from the finest and most fragrant catnip blossoms.” Many of the products come with a toy that you fill with the catnip to give to your cat.

Meowijuana catnip products may be the perfect items for the cats who like to indulge in a morning, afternoon or evening “high.” As the company’s slogan says, it’s “for cats who need the weed.”

Check out the Meowijuana website to purchase the catnip or to get more details.

Will you purchase marijuana-themed catnip for your furry friend?

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