Your Black-Footed Ferret Imitation Could Win You A Prize!

Enter the Give Us Your Best BFF contest before September 27 with a photo showing you, your pet, a family member or friend imitating a black-footed ferret, and you could win a prize from Prairie Wildlife Research.

A spontaneous moment of fun has spawned a contest to honor the black-footed ferret in this, the month that celebrates the rediscovery of this prairie species that was once thought to be extinct.

What’s the contest? It’s titled “Give Us Your Best BFF.” The goal is to snap a photo of yourself, someone else, your pet or anything that is imitating a black-footed ferret. The contest is being run by the nonprofit organization Prairie Wildlife Research, which works to research and conserve prairie wildlife and their habitats. For the winner, a really nice black-footed ferret prize package awaits.

Travis Livieri, executive director and founder of Prairie Wildlife Research, said the contest was inspired by the photo of Patrick McMillan, Larry Haverfield and him (right to left in the photo). Before snapping the photo, Kris Frady told them all to give their best black-footed ferret impression. While the three made a great effort, Livieri is certain that contestants can do better impressions of black-footed ferrets.

To get inspired, see examples of black-footed ferrets in action in videos at the Prairie Wildlife Research website.

The contest has no age limit or species limit. “We just want people to have fun with this,” Livieri said. The rules only request that the photos be tasteful, respectful and not show anything illegal or anything harmful to animals or humans. The rules also state: “Use whatever tools you want to use including but not limited to costumes, makeup, Photoshop, Barbie dolls, Play-Doh or anything else you can imagine!”

Photos for the “Give Us Your Best BFF” contest should be posted on the Prairie Wildlife Research Facebook page. Those who have questions or trouble posting can email The deadline to enter is September 27, 2012.

As mentioned, this contest coincides with the month that black-footed ferrets were rediscovered on September 26, 1981. The rediscover story involves a ranch dog, plague, near death, recovery and more. The full details are in the BFFs section of the Prairie Wildlife Research website.

Are you worried about creating that perfect masterpiece to submit? Don’t be. “People can enter as often as they like,” Livieri said. “The picture doesn’t need to be fancy.  Snap a picture of your friend with your cell phone and post it — with their permission.”

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