Young Ferret Cries And Seems Frightened

What can be done to comfort a crying ferret?

Q: I just bought a baby ferret (7 weeks old), and all he does is cry. I feel so sorry for him and am trying to love and cuddle him as much a possible to make him feel happy and comfortable. When he finally gets quiet, any little noise seems to scare him, and he starts crying again. What can I do for him to make him feel safe and secure?
A: That is so young to experience being alone for the first time. I don’t hear about it happening a lot in ferrets, but you can try what is suggested for dogs. Place your ferret in some warm bedding with a stuffed animal (watch that your ferret doesn’t chew it) and a ticking clock.

During awake hours when you are home, take your ferret out and about to slowly become experienced to new sights and sounds. Don’t move too quickly. Give your ferret a chance to set the pace and give him plenty of time to explore.

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