You’d Never Guess This Active Dog Lost Her Feet On The Day She Was Born

Thanks to a set of prosthetic paws, nothing seems to slow Blossom down.

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Blossom's mother chewed her pup's back feet off, just hours after she was born. Via Blossom/Facebook

If you hear Blossom’s decidedly sad backstory, you might be tempted to think that she’s different or that she’s not a “normal” dog, whatever “normal” means in a canine context. But then you watch the videos of her swimming or racing fearlessly into the ocean and see pictures of her running across a field and you realize that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Yes, Blossom faced an almost insurmountable challenge before she’d even opened her big brown eyes, but thanks to the efforts of her foster dad and a generous donation from a Florida orthotics company, she is currently living her life at top speed.

Thanks to a set of custom prosthetic paws, Blossom can just about outrun the camera. Via Blossom/Facebook

Thanks to a set of custom prosthetic paws, Blossom can just about outrun the camera. Via Blossom/Facebook

Just hours after she was born, Blossom’s mother chewed the pup’s back feet off. Her original owner attempted to care for her for 10 months, before realizing that Blossom needed treatment that she couldn’t provide. According to Blossom’s Facebook page, she was dropped off at the SPCA of Central Florida and, due to her disability, she wasn’t even initially considered as a candidate for adoption. But a man named Rodney Purvis decided to foster her anyway and, after doing some investigative Googling, found a local prosthetic organization that offered to design a pair of prosthetic paws for Blossom.

She's a clickity clackity Wonder Woman!

Posted by Blossom on Sunday, February 14, 2016

After being fitted with her new feet, she wasn’t off and running immediately, but it didn’t take long. She attended therapy classes at Rocky’s Retreat, where she swam twice each week to build strength in her back legs. All that time in the water helped her gain coordination and confidence on land and, from the pics Purvis has posted, it seems like she rarely stands still.

Blossom’s first beach experience. She had a blast! She is crazy. Nothing stops her. She did this all day in the waves.

Posted by Blossom on Friday, 11 March 2016

“Her journey is a true miracle,” Purvis wrote on Facebook. “She brings hope through her disability and shows that being a little different doesn’t make her wrong but makes her pawsitively unique.”

Agreed, agreed and agreed. Run on, Blossom.

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