You Won’t Believe This Former Street Dog’s Remarkable Recovery

Purple Murphy's treatment was made possible because of Poly, another abandoned dog.

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Purple Murphy's medical treatment was paid for by Poly's Fund. Via Foreverhome Pet Rescue/YouTube

Poly, a blind Pit Bull, was found on a California park bench, abandoned and alone. She required a tremendous amount of medical treatment for her failing eyes, a skin condition and a congenital heart defect. The money for her veterinary care and surgeries was raised largely through a successful crowdfunding campaign; the GivingGrid fund had hoped to raise $3,000 for her care but, as of this writing, has brought in more than $14,000.

At the beginning of Poly’s long road to recovery, Jennifer Wales, the founder of Foreverhome Pet Rescue, promised that any additional donations to Poly’s Fund would be used to help other animals in need. Wales (and Poly) kept her word, and this video shows one of the fund’s successes.

Purple Murphy was severely malnourished and living on the streets when he was discovered. Via Foreverhome Pet Rescue/YouTube

Purple Murphy was severely malnourished and living on the streets when he was discovered. Via Foreverhome Pet Rescue/YouTube

Meet Purple Murphy, a street dog that was discovered in a terrible state. According to the YouTube video produced by Foreverhome, he was starving and dehydrated, covered in open wounds from being attacked by other dogs and barely able to stand on his own. (His skin had a purple hue, because someone had tried to treat his sores with gentian violet.) He was taken to a veterinarian and Poly’s Fund paid for his treatment.

Murphy began improving soon after arriving, getting a few good meals and some medication. He put on some weight, his patchy fur grew back and his friendly personality started to emerge. After four weeks, he was almost unrecognizable compared to the scared, sickly dog he had been – and it was largely because of Poly’s Fund.

Believe it or not, this is the same dog! Via Foreverhome Pet Rescue/YouTube

Believe it or not, this is the same dog! Via Foreverhome Pet Rescue/YouTube

Murphy, who is no longer purple, has been taken to a rescue organization and will soon begin his new, happier, healthier life. Good luck, little guy.

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