You Won’t Believe The Incredible Mess This Dog Made

Who knew that dogs and art supplies weren't a good combination?

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"If I don't look at you, I can't see how mad you are." Via Imgur

Have you ever wondered what your dog does while you’re not around? You could set up a small camera to keep an eye on him, to see where he goes and what he chews on, or you could come home to this.

While this dog’s family was out at a movie, he decided to splatter-paint the entire house using his owner’s calligraphy ink. And we do mean THE ENTIRE HOUSE. (One Imgur user called him Jackson Paw-lock, which is pretty accurate).

These pictures were posted on Imgur by a friend of the family, who said that they had some success cleaning up, but did have to repaint a wall. If that was the only lasting damage, then they’re lucky. The photo poster said that they left the bedspread as it was, complete with one perfectly placed paw print. Either that’s proof of their dog’s enthusiasm for modern art or it’s a reminder to store the ink on a higher shelf.

Here are a few pics showing how their place looked before they broke out the mops and sponges.

1. “OK, you don’t look as pleased with my work as I thought you might…”

2. Imagine opening the door, walking inside and knowing that you have NO IDEA how far this chaos goes.

3. You might start looking for anything positive, like, um, that at least the lint roller is still clean.

4. It’s a good thing that he doesn’t know how to use the TV, or that remote control would be a mess. (But that is a LAKE OF INK on the floor. A LAKE!)

5. Yep, he walked around in here, too.

6. He seriously visited every single room. Wait… does that mean he was in the bedroom, too?

7. Well, at least he realized he’s not supposed to be on the furniture. What a good boy.

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