You, Too, Can Wear a Onesie That Looks Like a Cat

You can also carry your real cat around in the onesie’s pouch.

Admit it. You’ve always wanted an adult-sized onesie that makes you look like a cat. Thanks to Unihabitat, your want can become a reality. The Japanese company has made a Mewgaroo Jumpsuit that comes complete with cat ears, paws and a tail. You can choose one in black or white or get both! And the best part? There’s a pouch in front à la kangaroo that your real kitty can sit in and snuggle up with you. And did we mention there’s also a flap on the backside so you can use the toilet while still staying warm?

Seriously. We’re not making this up.

The jumpsuit, which is sure to keep you and your cat warm this winter, is available on Amazon for $95. Will you purchase it?

If the jumpsuit isn’t your thing, you can always get Unihabitat’s cat sweatshirt.


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