You Know You’re A Bird Person When…

If four or more of these apply to you then you're truly a bird person.

Bird Person

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You Know You’re A Bird Person When…

Family, friends and colleagues are oblivious to the feathers and poop in your hair.
You take your bird to the vet more than you go to your doctor.
You answer your door with a lovebird in your shirt and wonder why people stare at you.
You buy every single bird toy you can lay your hands on, but refuse to buy your daughter a Barbie doll.
You dress like a hobo at home just so the little highnesses can have free artistic rein on your clothing.
You wear colors and textures that compliment your bird instead of yourself.
Your bird’s picture has its place of honor on the family photo wall.
You move out and dump your boyfriend because he doesn’t love and honor your parrot like he should.
You check your parrot’s profile on more than your own email.
Your bird wolf whistles at you in the shower and you get embarrassed.
You actually like it when your bird tries to build a nest in your hair.
You take more pictures of your bird(s) than of your human children.
You spend a fortune on every known safe cleaner, only to realize the best poop remover is your thumbnail.
You dress like a hobo at home just so the little highnesses can have free artistic reign on your clothing.
Your bird “nibbles” on your ears and you think it’s love bites, even though you lose a pint of blood.
You look at every hawk as though it was a criminal.

You never type the letter ‘P’ or ‘O’ because there’s bird poop between it.

When your phone message greeting not only states your name but your birds’ names as well.

When you get excited when your birds get excited, when you say “Who’s ready for breakfast?” or “Who wants some dinner?”

You get more excited about buying things for your birds than for yourself.

You have a photo of your bird as your wallpaper on your cell phone.

Your husband eats dinner in the dark because he got home after birdie bed time!

All of your emails are missing capital letters because your bird is perched on one hand and you can’t use the SHIFT button!

You start giving away the priceless antique furniture in order to make room for yet another cage.

You get married so you have a live in bird sitter when you go on your adventure vacations.

You leave the house and forget to change your shirt that has bird poop on it… and you don’t even care!

You call your best friend to tell her your bird just regurgitated on you.

You open the door to let your dog in and you tell her to Step up.

All your buttoned shirts have unmatched, cracked-in-half or missing buttons.

You take exquisite delight in finding seeds in your socks.

You visit your local pet shop to look at the birds and the shop workers call you the bird lady.

You take a handful of coffee stir sticks every time you visit Starbucks.

You find yourself watching all cats suspiciously.

You play with the bird toys in the store to test them out before buying them

You take your bird? toys and perches into the shower with you to steam off droppings.

More than half of your Tupperware is used to store your bird? food.

You eat the pellets to entice your bird to eat them.

While eating out, you order a side dish to take home for your bird.

The birdie mix actually looks good.

You paint your room your bird? colors.

You have more pictures of your bird in your wallet then you have pictures of family members.

When you can? tell if it? a family member or a bird talking to you or shouting your name.

Your hubby eats the birdie bread you were cooling for the birds and you get mad.

You say “Good bird?to your cat.

When you spend more money at the pet store than at the grocery store or mall.

When you mom calmly says to the person on the other end of the phone, “If the dog surprised you, you should hear the bird bark.?lt;/span>

When you spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday of your weekend building an awesome playgym for your bird.

When talking to other animals you still whistle to them and call them “Pretty bird.?lt;/span>

You imagine what kind of person you birds would be if they were human.

When all your co-workers are sick and tired of hearing stories ever day about your birds.

When you tell your preschool student to Step-up because she won? stand, and then frantically look around to make sure no other teachers overheard.

When the children you work with know the names and species of every bird in your flock, but still don? know your last name.

You have a separate area in your closet for bird shirts.

You have to make sure you get home early enough from any outing because the birds have to be in bed at a certain time.

when you get a package in the mail, you dump the contents on the floor and hold up the empty box shrieking “A free bird toy!”

When you are happy to wake up to the sound of a screaming bird every morning.

When all of your meals are planned around what your bird can eat.

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