You Can Volunteer at a Canadian Cat Café

Catfé in Vancouver is looking for cat lovers to lend a helping hand.

With cat cafés popping up just about everywhere, it was only a matter of time before one of them put a call out for volunteers. For those of you in or near Vancouver, Catfé needs your help. The cat café, which hopes to open in October 2015, will be the permanent home to 10 cats. Since a lot goes into opening a cat café, volunteers are needed.

For those looking to help out for a shorter period of time, Catfé and VOKRA (the rescue the cats will come from) need people who can “assist in transporting cats in and out of Catfé, work with the introduction of cats to each other (and their new home) and help train the Catfé team to provide cat care,” a post on The VOKRA Blog states. Short-term volunteers will help out during the process of choosing which cats will call Catfé home. If you’re looking to volunteer long-term, assistance is needed once the cats are selected. This assistance involves monitoring the cats at the cat café and providing more coaching to staff on cat health, cat care and more, the blog states.

Catfé and VOKRA are looking for volunteers who are cat lovers and have previous VOKRA experience, have flexibility around Catfé (located at 88 West Pender St.) and Downtown Vancouver and are able to attend monthly meetings. According to the blog post, interested potential volunteers are asked to send an email to The email should include your email address, phone number, previous VOKRA experience and if you’re interested in volunteering during setup or on an ongoing basis.

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