You Can Have A Drink In The Company Of Cats At This English Pub

The cats add character to a popular Bristol pub already known for its warm, comfortable atmosphere.

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The Bag O' Nails pub is full of cats and kittens. Better watch your drink! Via adambraunton/Instagram

The Bag O’ Nails pub in Bristol, England, is known in the area for its unique selection of beers, ciders and ales.

Now it’s getting some attention for a reason that has more to do with fur than fermentation.

The quaint establishment is home to around 15 cats who can be found moseying up to the bar and keeping patrons company, reports the Bristol Post.

“We once had 24, but that was too much,” pub landlord Luke Daniels told the paper. “The reaction is mostly positive. Occasionally you might have some people walking in and leaving and some might be allergic to cats, but people love it.”

All the furry felines were born at the pub and reportedly even can be found sitting on the laps of visitors and/or walking the bar as they make their way around their home. And although the pub brings in both the beer connoisseur, as well as steadfast locals wanting to taste its eclectic selection of brews, loyal patrons seems to enjoy the cats just as much — if not more.

“I particularly like cats,” Christ Chapter, 33, told the Post. “I don’t know the cats’ names, but it’s a pretty special place.”

Here are seven photos that show exactly what you’re missing out on.

1. Is “Wine With Cats Wednesday” a thing now?

2. Earning their keep? Or just learning some tricks of the trade?

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3. “You asked to speak to the manager?” 

The Landlord of the Bag O Nails

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4. Looks like someone hit the sauce a little too hard.

cat pub #bristolbucketlist

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5. “Seat’s taken.”


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6. Bar fight!

7. Bag O’ Nails? More like a Box O’ Kitties! 

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