Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Training

Train your Yorkshire Terrier with the basics.

Yorkshire Terrier PuppyYour Yorkie depends on you for everything from his water and kibble to his education and good manners. Naturally, you will want to get to know your puppy, and you will do this as you socialize him, teach him his name and begin his education.

House Rules
Socializing your puppy is very important if you want a dog that fits into your home and a dog that is a good companion and enjoyed by everyone. Socializing a puppy is similar to when you bring home a new baby. Hold and pet your puppy so that he knows that he is wanted and loved. Do not play with him constantly, as he is very young and needs time to sleep. Keep him to a schedule as much as you can, as he will become schedule-oriented very quickly. If he knows that you rise at 7:00 a.m. and shortly after you will take him outside, he will wait for you to let him out instead of relieving himself in his crate.

Habits, and that includes good and bad habits, that are learned at an early age become lifelong habits, so it is best to start out on the right foot. Don’t let your puppy chew on the leg of the old kitchen table and think that it’s cute, because before long he will have chewed on the leg of your expensive dining-room table. Set limits and make sure that your puppy sticks to them.

Keep your puppy confined to a specific area, such as the kitchen or den, until he is trained and fairly mature. Use baby gates and he will quickly learn that he is welcomed in certain areas of the house and not welcomed in other areas. And, of course, put your puppy in his crate when you leave home, as he will be comfortable in his house and he will sleep until you return.

Choosing a Name
One of the important factors in training a young pup is to give him a name. Sometimes it may take a week or so before you find a name that fits the dog. Other times you will have the puppy named before you bring him home. In general, short one- or two-syllable names are the easiest for training. The best name of all, of course, is Ralph, because both humans and other dogs can then call your Yorkie by name! Longer names are difficult for humans (as well as the neighborhood dogs). You don’t want to have call out, “Belvidere, suppertime!” when its so much easier to say, “Eat your din-din, Blanche.”

Whichever name you choose, use it often and always in a positive way. Never use the dog’s name when you scold him, and never call a dog to you and then scold him.

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