Yoga Studio Helps Shelter Cats

A cat rescue teamed up with a yoga studio to foster adoptable cats who visit classes.

Yoga4Cats (Yoga for Cats!)

June is Adopt-a-Cat Month – Here is the feature everyone has been talking about! The cats of #HBPS enjoyed some time on the mat with the students of Yoga at Connie’s in this purrfect promotion. This small event raised over $500 for HBPS, including paw protector sponsors for two cats. In addition to those you see here, we have many other friendly and interactive felines patiently waiting for their forever homes. #adoptHBPS #yoga4cats Please visit to donate, adopt, and learn more! Yoga4Cats was also covered by the Herald & Review. Check out the 6/10/15 Life Section and their online gallery!Video filmed, produced, and owned by Jeanette Skaluba

Posted by Homeward Bound Pet Shelter (Decatur, IL) on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Yoga at Connie’s, a studio in Latham, Ill., has teamed up with a rescueHomeward Bound Pet Shelter in Decatur, Ill. to bring adoptable cats to yoga classes, according to The Dodo. What a sweet idea!
The cats six of them, in the studio’s recent inaugural cat class mingle among yogis as the humans do their poses and stretches. Of course, the cats created distractions during the exercising, like nuzzling and snuggling with people, climbing onto them and perching on their backs, and even sticking their rears in faces. That’s a cat for you, and I’m sure it’s a delightful diversion. Some of the kitties preferred to watch curiously from the sidelines, while others flopped down on the floor and did their own yoga-like stretches.
Best of all, the event raised funds for the shelter, and one of the kitties even found its forever home from the yoga class. Yoga instructor Connie Pease hopes to do more cat classes with the shelter, and hopes that other yoga studios will hear about this and try it themselves. We hope so too!

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