Yana The Two-Faced Cat Will Win Your Heart, Twice

Yana's striking looks are earning her fans all around the world.

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Yana as kitten
Who could resist that face... er, faces? Via yanatwofacecat
Stephanie Brown

Watch out, internet. There’s a new cat taking over, and she’ll make you do a double take.

Meet Yana the Two-Faced Cat.

Yana lives in Minsk, Belarus, with her owner, Elizabeth. Her unique coloring makes her look part black and white tuxedo cat and part red tabby. It’s especially striking on her face, where the one side is red striped and the other is black, with the trademark tuxedo white on her neck.

Elizabeth adopted Yana from an elderly couple in Orsha whose advertisement she saw online. She said it was love at first sight.

“When I saw these eyes, these unusual halves — she was so beautiful!” Elizabeth told Petcha.com.

Красотка подросла немного🐱 #yanatwofacecat

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Yana, who’s now 9-months old, has her own Instagram page, @yanatwofacecat. The page already has 43,000 followers from all over. Elizabeth hopes to parlay Yana’s Insta-fame into professional modeling gigs for the cat, whether for commercials or other advertisements. She definitely has that star quality.

“She is a unique cat,” Elizabeth said.

Любимая наглая морда🐈 #yanatwofacecat

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In addition to looking like two different cats, Yana acts a little like two different cats. Sometimes she can be lively and playful. Other times she’s sweet and snuggly. Yana likes to chase after balls and play with shoes, Elizabeth said. But at nighttime, she climbs into bed and curls up on Elizabeth’s stomach or back.

The unique coloring could be due simply to dumb luck. Or Yana could be a chimera, an animal whose cells contain two sets of DNA caused when two embryos fuse together during development. Genetic testing could determine if Yana is, in fact, a chimera, but Elizabeth hasn’t had her tested.

Whatever the cause, many people across the globe have embraced Yana’s uniqueness. After all, what makes you different, makes you beautiful.

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