Writers on Dogs

Acclaimed writers capture the essence of the canine in a new collection of essays.

"WOOF! Writers on Dogs"While there are plenty of books about dogs, few are written with the observations and confessions of acclaimed writers. Luckily, the new book “WOOF! Writers on dogs,” edited by Lee Montgomery is a soulful antidote to the dry dog-training manual. With an introduction by the celebrated writer Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, the book is a collection of essays by 20 writers who reflect upon their canine encounters and what it means to be a dog lover.

The book is full of entertaining anecdotes covering the most entertaining and unusual aspects of living with dogs. Be amused as Abigail Thomas shares the joyful challenge of sharing a king-size bed with three dogs, editor Lee Montgomery details her Schnauzer’s masturbation habit, and Rick Bass recounts the week his dog was given a fatal prognosis. The writers share their skills and stories, running the gamut from hilarious to heartbreaking, to create an anthology that is a true celebration of the canine.

“WOOF! Writers on Dogs,” edited by Lee Montgomery, is on sale now.

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