Writer Blogs About Dog’s Pursuit of Fame

A Los Angeles Times writer hopes her dog gets 15 minutes of fame.

Los Angeles Times staff writer Diane Haithman is chronicling her dog Heidi’s pursuit of fame in a blog called “The Heidi Chronicles.”

Haithman and German Shepherd Dog Heidi started their unlikely pursuit of fame after a chance encounter with a pet talent agent at a Los Angeles dog park.

“The fact that I was willing to even consider a $3,995 dog ‘acting’ program at an animal talent agency attests to the seductive lure of Hollywood,” Haithman writes.

“You hear about L.A. parents being approached by talent agencies about their kids, but … a dog?” Haithman writes. “Yet, as a smitten pet owner, it’s amazing how quickly the mind moves from ‘Say what?’ to ‘She’ll roll over, but only if it’s integral to her character.’”

Heidi hasn’t gotten any roles through the agency, but Haithman says it doesn’t matter. At a recent cocktail party for the agency’s clients, “Most dog owners I talked to acknowledged that their pets had not gotten much work” either, she says.

At least Heidi enjoyed the cocktail party. “Like any budding starlet, she did love the gift bag.”

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