You’re About To Fall In Love With A Wrinkly Senior Dog Named Butter

Butter has sweet eyes, a full heart, and her loose skin can't lose.

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A soft face that is capturing all the hearts. Via caitmhimms/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

Puppies are great and all, but guess what? Senior dogs can be adorable, loving and endlessly entertaining sidekicks, too. And a senior dog named Butter serves as proof.

Butter was turned in at the Animal Care Centers of NYC and then taken in by foster parents Cait and David Himmel after landlord issues at her previous home left her homeless, BarkPost reports. She has the sweetest eyes, the floppiest skin and the best reactions EVER. The Himmels posted several amazing photos and videos on Instagram (caitmhimms) of her throughout their time together.

After seeing the vet, Ms. Butterball was diagnosed with an infected mammary gland that had a 50/50 chance of being cancerous, which can happen if an animal is never spayed. The doctor also suspected she had liver disease or Cushing’s disease due to enlarged liver and kidneys, and severe spondylosis, due to old age.

Butter already had an adoptive family set, so the Himmels decided to set up a fundraiser, to help with the medical costs Butter’s various conditions would incur.

Within one hour, the fundraising goal was met. Butter is a charmer, that’s for sure. The lovable golden oldie has since moved from New York to New Hampshire to live with her forever family, and though she isn’t cured of her previous conditions, she is certainly not lacking in love and support.

Her former foster mom even posted an update on Instagram that said her new vet thinks “she may be suffering from a false pregnancy, a condition in females who haven’t been spayed, where the body thinks it is pregnant and shows symptoms of pregnancy (restlessness, depression, enlargement of mammary glands, etc.).” She will be keeping Butter’s fans updated until her new family can set up her Facebook page.

We’re pulling for you, Butter!

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