Would This Sign Change Your Mind About Dogs Locked In Cars?

Dogs locked in hot cars: bad. Dogs locked in cool cars with music playing: not so bad?

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It's hard to see a dog locked in a car, regardless of the circumstances. Via fioses/Twitter
Anastasia Thrift

It’s unconscionable to leave a dog trapped in a hot car. But what about a car that’s air-conditioned with soft music playing?

One dog owner has put that question on the public’s mind after a photo posted on Twitter by user fioses went viral. The photo shows a dog in a car with the windows rolled up and a sign on one that reads: “Please don’t break the window. The A/C is on. He has water and is listening to his favorite music.”

It’s a valid request, especially because more and more bills are popping up that would allow bystanders to break into cars to save dogs in distress. The sign anticipates the chagrin of passers-by — again, validly.

The dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars are worse than some people imagine. According to the ASPCA, it takes 10 minutes for the inside of a car to reach 102 degrees Fahrenheit on an 85-degree day. And that is if the windows are cracked.

Because the opportunity is high for someone to grossly underestimate how safe their car is for their dog, it’s easy to see how those who understand the health risks would consider erring on the side of caution. With that in mind, would you feel that this dog is safe?

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