Would Puppies At Polling Stations Get You To Vote? One Super PAC Thinks So

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Puppies: true patriots.

If the crucially high stakes of this divisive and volatile presidential election weren’t enough to make you go vote this year, what exactly would it take to get you into the polls? Puppies? Would puppies at the polls get you to vote? Please? OK, good.

NextGen Climate, a Super PAC dedicated to halting climate change, announced last week that it will bring “puppies to the polls” at some early voting events, Business Insider reports. The group wants to engage millennials in key states where the presidential race is close.

Grab them by the puppy.  Via NextGen Climate/YouTube

Grab them by the puppy. Via NextGen Climate/YouTube

“We want every young voter to make it to the polls by Election Day, so we’ve enlisted our most loyal companions to help during this historic election,” said Nick Ellis, the group’s “National Puppy Coordinator,” according to the news outlet.

Ellis will keep an eye on locations where NextGen will bring puppies. These include four events in Iowa, 11 events in North Carolina, 12 events in Pennsylvania, two events in Nevada, and two in New Hampshire. The group also will launch a digital campaign to recruit puppy volunteers for more events.

The group, along with fellow left-leaning organizations, has tried other non-traditional methods to encourage young voters this year. NextGen asked campus organizers nationwide to individually text potential young supporters in the battleground states of Iowa, North Carolina, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Hampshire and Ohio. The group also has used apps like Pokemon Go and Tinder to reach millennials via smartphones.

The last line of offense looks like the best one. If all else fails, call in the puppies.

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