Would a Companion Cat Stem My Cat’s Jealousy?

Cat needs to accept new person in house, then a new feline.

Q: My 1-year-old cat urinated next to my boyfriend while he was on the bed! She has done this three times and also she will come up a bite my hand then run off.

She has been tested for a possible UTI and had blood work – healthy as can be. I play with her with toys, she has my attention daily, she has both wet and dry food , a clean litterbox which is kept close by and is clean. The vet said she may be jealous and is to be kept out of the bedroom until she learns better behavior.

My question is this: Would another cat be a good thing to add to our family at this time since she would have a playmate or should I wait until her behavior improves?

Lisa in Wisconsin

A: Hi Lisa.

Your cat is having a hard time adjusting to a new person in her life. She is used to being your No. 1 and now she has to share you. Bringing a new cat into the household would be a good idea once she has accepted your boyfriend as part of the family. Your boyfriend and the cat need to spend quality time together without any other people. Once your boyfriend takes an active interest in the cat and he plays with her, gives her treats and she cuddles on his lap she will learn to trust and love him as she does you.

As you see the bond begin to build, it is time to visit your local shelter. A cat close to your cat’s age would be the best match. A year-old cat is very active and will want another cat to wrestle and run around with. The counselors at your local shelter will be able to steer you towards the right match.

The two cats should be kept separate in the beginning until you know the new cat is acclimated to you and his new surroundings. Then do slow introductions; start by swapping their beds so the two get used to each other’s scent. Next, let the cats smell each other through a closed door. It is normal if the two hiss or growl in the beginning. The cats should be closely supervised during a face-to-face introduction in a calm and quiet environment. If the introduction is positive, try to engage the two in play with a cat wand or give them treats. Don’t be alarmed if the introduction does not go smoothly. The two cats should be separated and you will try again the next day. It does take time and patience on your part to get the two cats to become friends. In the end your cat will have a playmate to spend her days with and she will not mind sharing you.



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