World’s Ugliest Kitten

Judge for yourself: With more than 15,000 Instagram followers, Devon Rex kitten, Stitch, is the cutest ugliest kitten in England.

She has a strong stare, playful disposition, and five-month-old Stitch, a Devon Rex from Shrewsbury, England, is also earning top viral honors as the unofficial “Ugly Cat.” His Thousands of Stitch Instagram page has already gathered more than 12,000 followers.

Darya Leon, Stitch’s owner from Shropshire County, says, “The majority of people who see Stitch or his photos always say he is strange looking, and most people call him ugly, and he is often compared to an alien.” The soft, gray kitten’s name came from Stitch from the Disney film “Lilo and Stitch” because of his big ears.

Leon bred Stitch, but he originally wasn’t supposed to stay with her. “But when he got to about five-weeks-old I realized it would be impossible to say goodbye to him, and so he stayed,” explains Leon. “He was the most fascinating little thing, with his unusual markings and adorable behavior.” With large, pointy ears and a cute, wrinkled face Devon Rex followers love, he has earned the adoration of thousands of fans.

Being a photographer, Leon helped Stitch’s popularity grow through her thousands of professional shots. She noticed Stitch was a total natural in front of the lens, even when he was a baby. Leon adds, “Stitch was a curious little cat who always followed me around, and he started joining me in my studio. This gave me chance to practice different lighting techniques with him in exchange for his favorite shrimp treats. Before I knew it, I had a whole portfolio of his photographs. Some of the images were hilarious, and people suggested I should start a social media account for Stitch. I chose Instagram because of its concentration on imagery.” Leon partly took the photos as a laugh because Stitch was such a cute model, but also to show her work to potential clients interested in pet and family photography. Leon continues, “And to my surprise, Stitch started to appear on blogs and websites in just a matter of days.”

“The only problem now is that I cannot get rid of him; he just can’t accept the fact he is not the only one who needs to be photographed.”

Do you know a cat or kitten that deserves to go viral because of his or her different or interesting looks?

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