World’s Oldest Cat Officially Announced

British cat Poppy is honored with title of oldest living cat at age 24.

After an unprecedented amount of entries, the Guinness Book of World Records today revealed the name of the oldest cat in the world.

Poppy, a dilute tortoiseshell from Bournemouth, U.K., received the title of World’s Oldest Cat. She’s 24 years old, or 114 in human years.

Pet parent Jacqui West attributes her cat’s long life to “a good diet and lots of exercise,” according to the Guinness World Record’s news release.

“She keeps herself fit by walking around and she eats a lot. She has biscuits in the morning and tinned food later on. She’s never been a big cat though.” Poppy shares her home with Jacqui, her husband, their two sons, four other cats, two rabbits and a hamster.

Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday said the organization was overwhelmed with claims for the oldest living cat. “If anyone thinks their cat beats this, and can prove it, then we’d encourage them to get in touch with us,” he said.

Jacqui went on to say that her cat “is partial to the odd takeaway,” including “a bit of KFC chicken, Fish and chips and even the odd bit of kebab meat.”

Cat Fancy might not advise that diet for a long cat life, but we’re happy Poppy lives with a loving family and are thrilled for all of them over receiving this honor.

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