Worlds Oldest Cat Art

Writer Brad Kollus provides CAT FANCY readers with an exclusive look at cat cave artwork in southern France believed to be 35,000 years old. This makes these cave paintings the oldest known artwork in the world created 30,400 years before the pyramids.

While cat art is popular among cat lovers, its surprising to learn the age and importance of the first feline art, both in the history of art and in human development. Most anthropologists consider a defining characterization of modern humanity as the ability to express ourselves through art and culture. The oldest art known to the world was discovered in Frances Chauvet Cave in 1994, and within it some of the worlds greatest masterpieces were unveiled in the form of cave paintings and carvings. The artwork found is believed to be 35,000 year old. In comparison, the pyramids of ancient Egypt were built another 30,400 years later. Most of the paintings are of animals. Felines are represented more than any other animal, with 74 images of lions and one of a leopard, signifying their importance to the first modern humans. The first art was cat art.

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