World War II Vet Reunited With Stolen Chihuahua

The 12-year-old dog was found in a schoolyard by a woman who cared for her until she heard the missing dog reports.

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Lola is reunited with Roger LeClair, a World War II veteran. Via Fox 11 News
John Virata

A 93-year-old World War II veteran was overcome with happiness after his Chihuahua, stolen November 9 from his Downey, California front yard, was returned to him almost two weeks later by a woman who said she found the dog in a city roughly 30 miles away.

“Oh sweetheart!” Roger LeClair said on a Fox 11 news report after seeing his dog for the first time in 10 days. The tiny Chihuahua is 12 years old and has been with LeClair since she was just a few weeks old.

LeClair told Fox 11 News that Lola was taken from his front yard by a woman in a red car. The woman told a neighborhood boy she was taking the dog to the vet. LeClair made a lost dog poster and the news spread to local TV stations and social media that the veteran’s dog was stolen and he wanted her back.


“She was only the size of a large mouse when I first got her,” LeClair told FOX 11. “We sleep together, we go everywhere together. She’s just the love of my life.”

Lola’s lost dog poster that was splashed all over town and social media. Via Fox 11 NewsPetcha

Lola’s lost dog poster that was splashed all over town and social media. Via Fox 11 News

Lola somehow ended up at a Chino, California, schoolyard where she was found by Cynthia Godfrey. The woman had been taking care of Lola when she saw news coverage of the missing dog. She then called LeClair and was able to return Lola to the World War II veteran.

“Oh my goodness, I don’t know how to thank you,” LeClair told Godfrey on camera.

“I am glad she’s home with you,” Godfrey told LeClair. “She is so sweet. It was a pleasure having her.”

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