World Rat Day Is For Rats!

The annual celebration puts the spotlight on pet rats, and these videos capture some of the reasons why rats can be great pets.

World Rat Day is celebrated annually on April 4. Argument/iStock/Thinkstock

Today is the day to celebrate pet rats! April 4 is World Rat Day as declared by the World Rat Day website. In fact, there’s even a book named after it.

All pets have pros and cons in caring for them, and no pet is for everyone. But pet rats often face more gasps of shocked disbelief, disdain or fear than other pets (well, except for maybe pets like snakes or tarantulas). Those who take time to get to know rats find that they are intelligent, playful and companionable. And rat enthusiasts can rejoice with pride on World Rat Day.

Check out the following videos from rat enthusiasts to see some of the reasons pet rats are so charming.

One outstanding trait of pet rats is their ability to learn tricks. This video showcases 15 tricks a patient owner taught her rats. You’ve got to see #14, the dramatic teddy bear rescue.

This rat is particular about his the décor in his home – no balls allowed!

OK, rats do have a tendency to hoard. This video shows a rat that alternates hoarding with snacking.

Nest building is no problem when you provide rats with their own roll of toilet paper!

Total trust and contentment make for one sleepy rat!

Be sure to top off the day by sending a World Rat Day ecard. They’re free. Click here

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