Woman’s Ex Still Sends Their Dog Birthday Cards

Breaking up with the person you share a dog with doesn’t mean you stop loving the dog.

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Even though his parents aren't together any more, Apollo's dad still sends him birthday presents. Via BeckzLove/Twitter
Stephanie Brown

Breakups can be awful. Ending a relationship amicably, if possible, is best for all parties involved, even the pets.

A dog owned by a couple who broke up two years ago still gets his birthday presents from his dad, according to a tweet that is going viral.

“My ex and I split up two years ago and he still sends our dog, Apollo, a birthday card and gift card to petco on his birthday,” RebeccaAlyse (@BeckzLove) tweeted on April 17.

Included in the tweet are pictures of Apollo with his b-day loot. The card reads:

“Hey Buddy,

Sorry for the late birthday gift. Work has been hectic. So I didn’t get a chance to get you something on time. Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you got spoiled on your special day. I also hope you’re doing well. Knowing you, I’m sure you haven’t slowed down and are just as much of a handful now as you were when we first got you. Usually this is the part where I tell you some story of how you got on my nerves like when you chewed up my credit card and then hid it. (I still have that card by the way.) Or how you did something incredibly adorable or funny like your first ever bath. But to be honest as precious as those memories are to me it’s the little thing I tend to think about the most.

Those times where me and you would just chill on the couch and watch TV. How you would be up every time I got up early in the morning to see me off to work. The play fights we would have together. Those pictures your mom would send me of that absolutely pathetic/adorable face you would make every time as you watched her leave for work. These are the things I will remember the most.

Watching you grow up from a puppy that fit in the palm of my hand to the overgrown big dog that you are now was nothing short of an adventure, and I loved every moment of it. There is honestly not one time where thinking of you has failed to put a smile on my face. I will forever be great grateful to you for that. Thank you. I wasn’t able to get you something for Christmas so I added a little extra to your card. Try not to destroy your new toys too quickly 🙂 I love you, Buddy. There isn’t a day that I don’t think of you. As always, continue to take care of yourself and your mom.

Continue to be there for her like you were for me.

I miss you, Buddy. See you when I see you.

Love, Dad.”

The tweet has been liked more than 43,000 times and has gotten lots of comments, with many Twitter users urging the couple to get back together.

Petco even responded to the tweet, offering to do something special for Apollo and his mom and dad.

Not only did Apollo get a heartfelt card and gift card for his birthday, he became famous on the Internet, too.

Enjoy your day and new-found Twitter celebrity status, Apollo!

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