Woman Thought Her Dog Was Acting Strange. Turns Out He Wasn’t Her Dog At All

A woman accidentally took the wrong dog home from doggy day care.

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"You're not my mom." Via Caitlin Guirey/Facebook
Stephanie Brown

Caitlin Guirey was on her way home from doggy day care when she noticed her dog, Teddy, wasn’t acting like himself.

At first she thought the Miniature Schnauzer might be getting sick. Sounds likely enough. But then, she made a shocking discovery. Teddy was not Teddy at all, but another dog entirely.

Guirey had taken another dog — a dog named Winston — home from doggy day care. After she realized that she, um, stole someone’s dog, she took the dog doppelgänger back to doggy day care and posted the story on Facebook with a photo of Winston looking very confused about the whole situation.

My dog was acting really strange and not like him self and I was starting to get worried he was sick. Turns out I TOOK…

Posted by Caitlin Guirey on Monday, October 31, 2016

(Wouldn’t it be really funny if Teddy wasn’t even a Miniature Schnauzer, but like a Great Dane or something?)

Hopefully Winston’s owner didn’t have a panic attack thinking someone stole their dog. Or maybe they made the same mistake and took home Teddy. Or maybe, just maybe, Teddy and Winston conspired to make a weird version of “The Parent Trap” happen.

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