Woman Takes Action to Help Foreclosure Pets

"There Ought to Be a Law" contest winner’s proposal OK’d by California governor.

Sheri Kuticka of Concord, Calif., recognized the consequences that cats and dogs faced as a result of the housing market downturn, and she enacted change to help animals abandoned at foreclosed properties.

Kuticka entered her proposal into an annual “There Ought to Be a Law” contest, run by California State Assemblyman Mark DeSaulnier (D-Martinez), after reading numerous media reports about family pets being left behind when people are forced out of their homes.

DeSaulnier selected Kuticka’s idea as the contest winner, and submitted Assembly Bill 2949, which calls for property owners – including banks and other corporate entities – to immediately notify animal control officials so they can rescue an abandoned pet. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed it into law Aug. 4.

DeSaulnier described AB2949 as “a simple change that will allow us to save animal lives.” The legislation was cosponsored by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the California Animal Association.

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