Wife Says Dog Can’t Sleep In The Bed, Husband Chooses The Floor With The Dog

When his wife said the dog couldn't sleep in the bed, this man chose to crash on the floor with the pup.

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He chose the floor over his bed so he could snuggle with the dog. Via doIIpxrts/Twitter
Chrissa Hardy

When your partner or spouse tells you to choose between them and your dog, what choice would you make? For some of us, it’s not an easy answer. For one man, it was a no-brainer.

His wife told him that their dog, a Pug named Violet, couldn’t sleep in the bed because Violet had recently undergone surgery and her surgery site could not be cleaned, the The Dodo reports. So Violet was a bit stinky and dirty, and the bed was clean. But instead of letting Violet sleep on the floor alone, the man chose to snooze right next to the dog at the foot of the bed.

The man’s daughter, McKenna, tweeted a photo of her dad and Violet on the floor with the following caption: “My mom told my dad not to put our dog on the bed tonight bc the bed is super clean and she’s really dirty so he did this lmfao.”

“I thought it was funny that he went that far,” McKenna told The Dodo. “But at the same time, it was sweet.”

And don’t worry, McKenna’s mom wasn’t at all mad about her husband choosing Violet. “She was laughing too,” McKenna said.

It would be hard to resist a night of snuggling with Violet.

Look at that face!

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