Woman Saves Pit Bull Being Abused On Street

The Good Samaritan who saved him hopes to adopt him.

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Diesel in his temporary new home. Via Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society/Facebook
Cari Jorgensen

What would you do if you saw a dog suffering in a hot car? Would you break the glass or call the police? What about if the dog were being beaten and abused? Would you intervene?

For Brianne Smith, the answer was simple: yes. Smith was working at her job in Detroit when she saw a Pit Bull in trouble. The dog’s presumed owner was beating the poor creature, causing the dog to bleed. Smith, after witnessing the incident, approached the man and demanded he give up his dog.

“To be honest I was very high on emotion after seeing him kick the dog. His dog got slammed in the door of a car. I freaked out,” Smith told Fox 2. “Once I confronted him and threatened to call police, he took off the other way.”

Unfortunately, he took the dog with him. Possibly knowing Smith would help him, the dog made his way back.

When she learned the dog was back in the area, Smith got him some food, wrapped him up in blankets she had in her car and waited for the animal rescue to arrive, Fox 2 reports.

After being taken in by Detroit Dog Rescue and seen by a veterinary team, it was discovered that the Pit Bull, now named Diesel, “was beaten and shot, his head allegedly slammed in a car door,” Detroit Dog Rescue wrote in a Facebook post.

“He has several broken bones and bullet fragments still in his face. Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society did a great job stabilizing Diesel,” the post continued.

We know these pictures are graphic and we apologize. We rarely post what we see and we are against sensationalism on…

Posted by Detroit Dog Rescue on Friday, November 4, 2016

An update a couple of days later revealed that a bullet had entered through Diesel’s nose, exploded, and left fragments in his neck and head. His jaw has been wired and veterinarians are determining whether or not it’s safe to remove the fragments.

Diesel is spending his Saturday morning getting some much needed sleep. He went through x-rays and our Director and Dr….

Posted by Detroit Dog Rescue on Saturday, November 5, 2016

While Diesel receives care, anyone with any information about the person who abused the Pit Bull is asked to contact police. And for Smith, she hopes to adopt the dog she helped save.

“I want to adopt him and bring him home,” she told Fox 2. “I have beds and food and another dog from an adoption at my house. I want to care for him. I want to take care of him.”

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