Woman Reunited With Cat 6 Years After Her Disappearance

Chloe escaped from her cat carrier in 2010, just before a veterinarian's appointment.

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For six long years, Rebecca Lee thought that her cat, Chloe, was dead. In 2010, the fluffy tabby cat escaped from her carrier before a trip to the vet and, although Lee papered her south Wales neighborhood with missing cat flyers, she didn’t have the happy ending that she’d hoped for. Shortly after Chloe’s disappearance, someone called Lee to tell her that a cat matching her description had been hit and killed by a passing car.

“I was devastated but came to terms with her death,” Lee told The Guardian.

But last week, Lee received a phone call that she never could’ve expected. The local Cats Protection adoption center had taken Chloe in, and she was very much alive. After she vanished from her carrier, Chloe had been taken in by an elderly woman who lived nearby. The woman had recently grown too frail to care for the cat, so her family turned her over to Cats Protection.

Always make sure your cat carrier is secure. Via Christine/Flickr

Always make sure your animal carrier is secure. Via Christine/Flickr

“We scanned Chloe [for a microchip] which is routine for all cats coming into our care, and our receptionist noticed she was registered to a different owner and address,” Molly Hughes of Cats Protection said. “We managed to get hold of Rebecca, Chloe’s original owner, who was shocked to hear from us that Chloe was in our care.”

Lee said that Chloe’s return was a “real shock,” but now she is delighted to have her now nine-year-old cat back. So there’s that happy ending she’d hoped for. It was just six years in the making.

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  • I love hearing great stories like this‼️

    Kelly April 26, 2016 9:35 am Reply
  • Glad to know Chloe was taken care of and not killed. Hate that the owner had to grieve though. I know how it is for your cat to go missing and feared dead, mine went missing for just nine days and the not knowing was terrible.

    Kathy April 26, 2016 11:36 am Reply

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