Woman Plans To Marry Dog After Death Of Her First Husband, A Cat

Dominique Lesbirel fully intends to marry Travis, her dog of several years.

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The happy couple, Dominique and Travis. Via The Mirror/Facebook

Dominique Lesbirel met her husband-to-be on the beach in Greece several years ago.

“He’d steal my shoes and bag while I was swimming and, with it, he stole my heart,” she told The Mirror of her love, Travis.

But the two didn’t truly become a part of each other’s lives until he got a potentially life-threatening illness and she adopted him. Because, yes, Travis is a dog, a dog that Lesbirel plans to marry, as soon as she’s over the death of her first husband, a cat named Doerack.

She and Doerack were together for 16 years — and married for eight — but he recently had to be put down. And it’s out of respect for her first love that she feels unable to marry Travis right now. When the two are ready to tie the knot or the leash or whatever, the ceremony will be held on MarryYourPet.com, a website that (unsurprisingly) Lesbirel has maintained for more than 10 years.

“Pets are loyal and adoring so I wanted to create something to celebrate that,” she said of the site.

Either way, we’re dying to see the couple’s registry.

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