Girl Paints Pet Turtle’s Nails And Twitter Blows Up

Juanita's claws were painted red and most everyone loved the new look.

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Juanita the turtle's nails are on fleek. Via @yagirlkeyy_/Twitter
John Virata

A young woman named Kiana (@yagirlkeyy_ on Twitter) who loves her some pretty nails decided to paint the claws of her baby red-eared slider turtle. She then posted photos of Juanita on Twitter, complete with the turtle’s little claws painted red, and the Twittersphere promptly blew up.

“gotta keep me & my babygirl’s grippers lookin fresh,” Kiana wrote on Twitter.

That tweet, posted on April 7, has received more than 111,000 likes and more than 41,000 retweets. Most folks loved the newly painted claws of Juanita, with two followers posting a photo of Snoop Dog holding a Photoshopped Post-it note saying “This is the cutest $h!t Ive ever seen.” Another tweeted “NAILS ARE POPPIN AYE.”

One Twitter user, •ÄÑŃÅ•👅 @anna_banana_tho, responded by posting a photo of what is probably her baby Sulcata tortoise sporting some freshly painted nails as well, also in red.

Kiana though knows a bit about turtles. While one person asked her if it was safe for the turtle, she responded not to get the nail polish on the skin or the shell (Turtles absorb UVB light through their shells, which is necessary for their good health). When another asked how to sex a turtle, she told that user how to spot the difference.

Looks like Juanita is starting a new beauty trend: turtle manicures.

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