Woman Gets a $1.25 Million Cat Book Deal

An Iowa librarian will write about the life of Dewey the cat.

A librarian in Iowa has snagged a $1.25 million deal to write a book about Dewey the cat, who served as her library’s mascot for 18 years before dying in November of 2006.

Dewey, whose full name was Dewey Readmore Books, was found in the drop box of the Spencer, Iowa, library in January 1988 by Librarian Vicki Myron. He was adopted as the library’s mascot.

Dewey, named after the Dewey Decimal System that is used in libraries to catalog books, attained fame after word spread about him as a mascot. News and television crews came from as far away as Japan to do stories on Dewey during his lifetime, Myron said.

Now Myron has signed a deal with Grand Central Publishing, formerly known as Warner Books, to write the story of Dewey’s life and how he impacted the lives of others.

Myron said she has not chosen a title for the book yet, but that most likely it will have Dewey’s name in it.

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