Woman Finds New Home For Her Giant, Housebroken Pet Bison

"She thinks she's a dog," Karen Schoeve said of her longtime companion, Bullet.

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This bison thinks she's a dog.

Karen Schoeve recently realized that she needed to find a new home for her beloved pet, Bullet, because her longtime companion just needed more space than she could offer in her Argyle, Texas home. So Schoeve turned to Craigslist to find a new owner for Bullet, listing her with a cash-only price of $5,950, which isn’t bad for a 1,000-pound bison who’s apparently gentle, healthy and housebroken.

That’s right: Bullet is an American bison, who just happens to prefer to roam the tight hallways of Schoeve’s house over the wide open prairies where her relatives live.

“She thinks she’s a dog,” Schoeve said in a video posted by the Dallas Morning News. “She acts like a dog.” And she does! Bullet tracks mud in the house, does her bathroom business in the backyard and accidentally ate a bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers — just like a dog, really!

Karen Schoeve tries to gently move Bullet out of her bedroom. Via Dallas Morning News/YouTube

Karen Schoeve tries to gently move Bullet out of her bedroom. Via Dallas Morning News/YouTube

“She’s not scary,” Schoeve told the news outlet. “She’s got a great personality.”

After five years together, Schoeve had to make the tough decision to send Bullet to a new home, because her job requirements — and her limited amount of edible grass — made it more difficult to give the bison the life she deserves. Bullet was domesticated before Schoeve adopted her, so she couldn’t just be released into the wild.

Fortunately, a landowner in Flower Mound, Texas, has taken Bullet in, and will continue giving her the life that she’s grown accustomed to. Although Bullet is currently in a pasture with two cows, Schoeve joked that they’d all work together to build Bullet a house — a literal home where the buffalo roam. Only in Texas, I guess.

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