Woman Finds Family’s Lost Dog, Gives Him Away To Strangers

Dexter's distraught owners are pleading with the unknown family to give him back.

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A woman who found Dexter gave him away to an unknown family. Via Lost & Found Pets - Muskegon County/Facebook

A Michigan family has felt an entire grab bag of emotions in the past few days, including the relief that their lost dog was found and the shock of learning that he was then given away to an unknown family. Laura Weberg’s dog, Dexter, somehow escaped from her Whitehall, Michigan home on Tuesday but was quickly picked up by a seemingly good Samaritan, who planned to take the dog to animal control. The key word in that sentence is planned.

The unidentified woman initially did everything right. She posted Dexter’s picture on a Facebook lost dog page and intended to take him to animal control at Pound Buddies. But instead of turning him over to the organization, she gave the dog away to a family who was there looking for a dog to adopt. Other than knowing that they were a family of five who drove a white car, no other information is known about the people who took Dexter home – and that’s the hard part for Weberg to accept.

The Whitehall family has had Dexter, a shih tzu for five years. Via WZZM13

The Weberg family has had Dexter, a Shih Tzu for five years. Via WZZM13

A post pleading for Dexter's return. Via Lost & Found Pets - Muskegon County/Facebook

A post pleading for Dexter’s return. Via Lost & Found Pets – Muskegon County/Facebook

“I understand where the woman was coming from,” Weberg told WZZM. “She was there to help and be supportive and get the dog out of the road.  We appreciate that. At this point we are really hoping to reach out and get our dog back.”

Weberg and her own family have posted Dexter’s picture on social media and are sharing his story, in the hopes that the folks who currently have him will return him. The woman who found Dexter told the news station that she is sorry about what has happened.

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