Woman Fights Alligator With Her Bare Hands To Save Her Dog

When a massive alligator dragged her terrier mix into a pond, Lori Beiswenger was determined to save her pet.

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Hope, who survived an alligator attack. Via WFTS

When you say you love your dog, you absolutely mean it, from the top of your heart to the bottom of both ventricles. But would you risk your own life to save your dog’s? Lori Beiswenger did, jumping into neck-deep water and literally fighting an alligator to save her terrier mix, Hope.

Beiswenger had been tending the grounds of the golf course her family owns in Inverness, Florida, when she heard “the most God awful, piercing scream” behind her. She turned around in time to see a 7 1/2 foot alligator dragging Hope into the water of a pond.

“I saw teeth and hair and gator,” she told WFTS.

Hope, recovering after surgery. Via WFTS

Hope, recovering after surgery. Via WFTS

The 52-year-old Beiswenger jumped in, too, grabbing the alligator by the tail and pulling three times. When the gator turned its attention to her, she scrambled out of the water and yelled for help.

Jodie Daniels heard her screams and ran to the pond. He could see the dog in the gator’s jaws and hit it with a shovel until it let go of Hope. The dog was pulled out of the pond, bleeding profusely and raced to the emergency vet. After a three-hour surgery, Hope was finally safe.

The next day, the alligator was trapped, put down and sold for its meat.

“He’s now gator bites [at] some restaurant,” Beiswenger said.

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