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Woman Discovers Cat Can’t Drink From A Cup, Films Messy Results

Hey, you try drinking from a cup without using your thumbs!

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It's a trap, cat! Don't do it!

OK, let us just say that we’re Team Cat when it comes to this YouTube video.

In the clip, posted by Kyoot Animals, a cat owner sets her pet up for failure, putting a delicious cup of milk out for him to drink before sitting back and waiting for him to dump the entire thing on his head (which he does). Come on, lady! Your cat doesn’t have opposable thumbs, so how else is he supposed to chug that tasty 2 percent? (And — just in case you’re someone who likes to recreate Things From the Internet — know that some cats can become lactose intolerant when they get older).

The joke's on you, lady: you've got to clean your kitchen now. Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

The joke’s on you, lady: you’ve got to clean your kitchen now. Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

It’s apparently not the first time she’s done this: She’s pre-lined the countertop with paper towels to soak up the milky mess (and the entire roll is on display in the background, proving that either she spends her days pranking her pets or that she’s the world’s worst interior decorator).

We sincerely wish that there would be some way for the cat to get her back, maybe by searing 6 ounces of filet mignon, placing it at the bottom of a deep bucket and then telling her that she can eat it… but not with her hands. Cat, let us know if you want us to grocery shop for you. We’re free all day.

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  • My female cat only drinks from a glass. She started when she realized she could jump up on coffee table and I always had a glass of water for me but she (spooky) started drinking it. Soon I just started having 2 glasses in with me. I have yet out of 7 years seen her drink from the bowl on the floor. Never spills over . So don’t think cats need thumbs to drink out of a glass.

    Emma white April 4, 2016 2:16 pm Reply
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