Woman Can’t Sit with Cat on Plane, Diverts Flight

A flight headed to Germany from Las Vegas was diverted to Denver after a woman caused a scene over her cat.

Flying without your cat can be stressful. So can flying with your cat. Passengers on a flight from Las Vegas to Frankfurt, Germany learned that flying with someone else’s cat can also be stressful, but not because of the cat.

Zaneta Hucikova was traveling on the flight with what she described as her “comfort cat,” when she became agitated after learning that she could not sit with her cat. Hucikova allegedly hid the cat in her purse before boarding the flight, news.com.au reports.

“That lady wasn’t happy with the crew putting [her] cat in the lavatory and then everything went wrong. She started screaming and shouting in the back,” passenger Fritz Peterson told CBS Denver. Hucikova reportedly threw a cup at and slapped a flight attendant, according to CBS Denver.

Planes from the Buckley Air Force Base escorted the plane into Denver International Airport, where Hucikova was escorted off the plane. CBS Denver reports that no arrests were made, given that the incident was deemed a customer service issue. The cat is in federal custody, according to The Daily Mail.

Should Hucikova been allowed to sit with her cat on the flight?

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