Woman Builds Ladder So Stray Cats Can Come In From The Cold

The ladder provides the cats with easy access into the woman’s home.

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How can cats get into the warm house from the cold street below? A cat ladder! Via Sebnem Ilhan/The Dodo
Stephanie Brown

A Turkish woman is providing sanctuary to stray cats during the cold winter months.

Sebnem Ilhan of Tekirdag, Turkey, was worried homeless cats would suffer being stuck out in the cold so she built a little ladder the cats could use to climb up to her window and into her house, The Dodo reports.

This little ladder makes a big difference for street cats. Via Sebnem Ilhan/The Dodo

Worried that neighbors might raise an issue with a cat ladder sticking off the side of her home, Ilhan, who works as a dentist, decided to spruce it up with some flowers.

Sebnem Ilhan is an animal lover with a big heart. Via Sebnem Ilhan/The Dodo

Luckily, it hasn’t been an issue, and we’re sure the street cats appreciate the warm reception.

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