With the Help of Humans and Dogs, Douglas the Hippo is Free

My heart literally melts when I think about Douglas the Hippo and his doggie friends.

Douglas the Hippo captured hearts when he was featured on the British documentary series, ‘Paul O’Grady’s Animal Orphans.’ Found orphaned at only two weeks old, little Douglas was near death. Just over a year later, Douglas is making his triumphant return to the wild.

But before we talk about where he is going, let’s take a minute to talk about where he’s been and most importantly, who he’s been with.

Once rescued, Douglas was taken to the rehabilitation program at the Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust. There he met the wonderful caregivers who would help him make freedom a reality. Amongst them were two, special friends, terriers Molly and Coco.





Molly and Coco clearly did an excellent job keeping a watchful eye on their hippo friend.




Sharing sweet moments.





 Best buds.





Douglas will say goodbye to his dog family and head to the South Luangwa River where he will join a pod of wild hippos. Excuse me while I dry my eyes… so many onions near my computer.   

“I am so pleased to be able to say ‘Mission Accomplished’ for Douglas,” says Will Travers, founder of Born Free USA and President of the Born Free Foundation which supports CWET and worked with the rescue and rehabilitation team. “Born Free believes that the individual animal matters – every wild animal deserves a life worth living and to be free. And today, thanks to the work of our dedicated partners on the ground in Zambia, we know there is one happy wild hippo living free again.” 




Happy, healthy Douglas is ready to head out on his own, but we have no doubt that he will be missed by two very loyal pals. Good luck Douglas!

Learn more about Douglas and other animals in need at BornFreeUsa.org

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