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Couple Drives Halfway Across Country To Adopt Blind Puppy To Be BFFs With Their Blind Dog

The couple adopted Ago as a companion to Soto, also a blind dog.

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Soto and Ago meet up for the first time in California. Both now live in Wisconsin.
John Virata

Cassidy Kraus was watching videos online when she happened across a video of a blind Bulldog puppy that was up for adoption. Kraus immediately fell in the love with the puppy and just had to have him. The puppy’s blindness was not a deal-breaker as her dog, Soto, is also blind.

The couple had been looking for a companion to Soto for quite some time but hadn’t found a dog that was the right fit, according to Inside Edition.

“Then I saw this Bulldog. And lo and behold we have such experience with this condition,” Kraus said, alluding to Soto’s blindness.

Cassidy and Brett with their puppy Ago, right, and Soto, left. Both were born blind. Via Sacramento SPCA/Facebook

Cassidy and Brett with their puppy Ago, right, and Soto, left. Both were born blind. Via Sacramento SPCA/Facebook

So she got in touch with the puppy’s foster family and filled out the application, even though the puppy, then named Batty, was located in Sacramento, California, and Kraus and her boyfriend, Brett Weyers, live in Wisconsin.

“I really didn’t think much would come of it because it was so far away,” she told Inside Edition. She was surprised when her application, which was the first for the puppy, was approved. This literally set the couple’s (and Soto’s) wheels in motion for a 32-hour drive from the Cheese State to the Golden State.

When they arrived, Soto and the puppy, which the couple renamed Ago, became immediate friends.

“They were so excited,” Kraus told Inside Edition.

After all the formalities for adopting a dog concluded, the couple and the two pals got back on the road to Wisconsin.

Kraus told Inside Edition that Ago is still learning the layout of his new home. Ago will be taught word commands, such as when there is a step he needs to climb down. Like Soto, this will enable him to move about more confidently. In time, the puppy, like Soto, will be fine with his new family!

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