Winston The White Corgi Dressed Up As A Stormtrooper And It Was Wonderful

When a white Corgi named Winston dressed up as a stormtrooper, it was everyone's best day ever.

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"May the Fluff be with you." Indeed it is, Winston.
Chrissa Hardy

The eternal love for “Star Wars,” and the excitement surrounding the release of “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens” next month, keeps on comin’.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Winston the White Corgi, Winston himself dresses up as a stormtrooper and looks all kinds of adorable.

The video includes posed shots of how perfectly his white fluffy fur goes with the color of the suit, and some thrilling action shots of Winston running.

The best part is the end, though. Winston gets predictably fed up with his stormtrooper mask and kicks it off with his front paws.

And then, “May the Fluff be with you” comes across the screen.

This is movie magic George Lucas would be truly impressed by.

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