Winning Dog Show Bulldogs in 1916

The Dog World editor of the era visits Fern Lea Bulldog Kennels in New York to take a look at some champion Bulldogs.

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Dog World magazine December 1916During the present year, one of the kennels of English Bulldogs that has made more progress in the east is that presided over by Mr. Cook and to the lover of his noble breed a visit to the kennel will be repaid. Situated in the best part of the city limits on the out-skirts of New York. The Kennel is built on ideal plans, no money having been spared and the result is an up-to-date suite hard to beat anywhere.

Here we have room for 30 dogs all extremely well housed splendidly ventilated, free from draughs. Mr. Cook has only been with us in this country five years but in that time he has made the Fern Lea representatives famous all over this country. Fern Lea Dr. is one of the sensational Bulldogs of the present day and one that embodies those rare properties for which his owner has striven. A wonderful low short back is thick, set heavy boned dog with rare shoulders, his head is a study having a long flat skull, heaps of wrinkles and one of the shortest faced dogs ever seen, with deep stop, good substance before the eyes and broad, well turned up under jaw; it is too bad Mr. Cook has been unable to get a good photo of Dr. He is a Grandson of the famous Ch. Nuthurst Dt. His Dam Ch, Donax breed so that his remarkable success as a sire is not at all surprising. He has had a visit recently from Chicago Belle of Vancouver, and Bulldog men of that city will soon be able to see the great stock he is producing.

Fern Lea Rossete is one of the brood bitches, she is a great bitch, a massive shapely body with excellent shoulders, splendid front, and a magnificent heat, excellent long skull, capital lay back, and a broad well turned up under jaw. She is well bred being a Grand Daughter of Ben Stne and her Dam being a litter sister to Fern Lea Dr. She is a big winner.

Fern Lea Confidence is one of most typical Bulldogs in the country, she is excellent in underjaw, turn up, low back and stop, with a wonderful smashed up face and large open nostrils; her skull is big and well broken up, ears small and well placed; eyes dark and placed well apart, her shoulders would do credit to a dog, her back is short loine fine and well tucked up and good ribs, her stifles are just nicely turned, and hocks well let down finished off with a short screw tall. She has the real Bulldog roll when she walks. She has not been shown as yet since landing on these shores but will make her debut at the Madison Square Garden Show in 1917. She was shown once in England where she won 1st puppies in a class of 24 at Manchester Championship Show. She is beautifully bred being by a Grandson of Rival Stone out of Fern Lea Rosette therefore getting a double cross of the Stone blood, with Ch. Nuthurst Dr. and Ch. Prince Albert blood.

It is worthy of note that Mr. Cook has bred all of these dogs and has bred and owned eight generations behind Fern Lea Confidence.

Excerpted from Dog World magazine, December 1916, Vol. 1, No. 12. For back issues of Dog World, click here. 

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