Winnie The Kitty Has Blepped Hard Since She Was A Tiny Kitten

The end of Winifred's tongue is just the tip of the cuteness iceberg.

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Winnie and her blep
Let it blep. Via thecatlvt/Instagram
Anastasia Thrift

Winifred the cat can be described in many ways — petite, black, former stray — but there is one description that really sticks: blep-master.

Winnie is the Queen of Bleps, which you can see by scrolling through multiple Instagram accounts that feature her. There’s @winniethecatsanderson, of course, as well as the account for her mom, Nina Hichak, and for her former foster mom, Ellen Carozza (Hichak’s sister).

The tiny cat came to live with Carozza, and her incredible cat Benny, last year as an even tinier kitten. She’d been rejected by her mother within hours after birth, and was much smaller than the average kitten. She also had a particular habit.

“The bleps started when I got her on Day 1,” Carozza told “She would do it after having a bottle, and then it became a habit.”

Photos show the blepster with her ever-present pink tongue sticking out while she’s playing, lounging and being held. It seems like her favorite accessory.

“She has fun quirks,” Carozza told us.

Winnie’s small stature appears not to affect her. It gets overlooked by her blepping, perhaps, or by the fact that it hasn’t handicapped her.

bLEp? Uh oh, she has her thinking tongue out! #thecatlvt #blep #queenofbleps

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“Being on the smaller size does not affect her in any way,” Carozza said. “She grew up to be a 5-pound cat. While petite, it does not stop her.”

She’s made faces in a couple of places. She lived with Carozza in Virginia until December, then moved to the Hudson Valley in New York with Hichak. She lives there now on a historic hobby farm with the family pig, many chickens, two tortoises, three cats and a dog.

Life is good for the former micro-kitten. You might even see her smile once in a while (if you can get past that blep).

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