Winging It!

Come Out, Come Out Where Ever You Are!

My parrot, ____________(name), was trying to tell me something. He squawked and __________(verb)  his wings. Then he ran up his ______________(noun) and __________ (verb) the bell of his favorite ____________(adjective) toy. I was in my room ________________(verb), so I couldn’t pick him up right away. But he didn’t want to wait. He __________________(adverb) screeched until the whole house shook.

I opened the door to the birdroom, but __________________(name)  wasn’t in his _____________(adjective) ____________(noun). I looked under the ___________(noun) and in the ________(adjective) ____________ (noun) but he was no where to be found. I repeated his favorite phrase: ?________________________?but he was __________ (verb). I ran to the ______________(noun) to get _______________(noun), which is his favorite treat. ?ome out, come out where ever you are,?I said. And then I saw his ________________ (noun). He was hiding behind the ______________(adjective) ___________(noun). I looked at my _____________ (noun) and realized that I was late for our ____________(adjective)  play date. No wonder he was trying to get my attention! I picked him up and placed him on his _____________________(noun). We played _________________(noun) for an hour and then I had to leave to catch the bus to ______________(noun).


Food Fun

My parrot loves to eat. She especially loves ____________________(noun) and will even help herself to some ________________ (adjective) ______________________(noun) off of my dinner plate when I’m not looking. One day, she opened my lunch _______________(noun)  and took a big bite of my ___________________(noun). I need to be careful about what she eats, because she once tried to eat ______________________(noun), which would give her ___________ (adjective) ache. I feed her __________ (noun) __________(adjective) a day and make sure I clean out her __________________ when I wake up and before I go to bed. She loves to taunt our pet, ___________________(noun), with her food. She especially likes to __________ (verb) ________________(noun) right on top of his head. He _____________(adverb) _____________(verb) away. She __________________(verb) and then says, ?__________________________(silly phrase).?lt;/p>

Fly Away

We have a ____________________(adjective) ____________ (noun) named _______________. We didn’t notice that her _______________________(noun) grew out. One day she flew away when I ___________________(adverb) left the ______________ (noun) open. What a scare that gave us! We _________________(verb) the entire _____________(geographical location), but she was no where in sight. I made some _______________(noun) and posted them on every _______________(noun). I asked all my _________________(noun)  if they had seen her, but no one did.  I whistled, ?________________________,?her favorite song. I heard a ________________(adjective) ________________(noun) and knew it was my bird. It was getting dark, so I grabbed a ___________________ (noun) from the drawer and shined it on the tallest ______________ (noun) on my street. A shadow _________________(adverb) flew by. It was _________________(noun)! I ________________(adverb) until ________________(name) landed on my ________________(noun). ? am so glad you ___________ (verb) home!?I exclaimed.


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